Melayan Nafsu Amarah di bulan Ramadhan

Bulan pose ni, ada aje yang nak bagi aku mengamuk. Jadi untuk menahan nafsu amarah, sepanjang perjalanan ke ofis tadi aku dok melayan lagu ni aje.

Angry Again

The more of you that I inspect
The more of me I see reflect
The more I try to read your lips
The more the mask you're wearing rips

But when I seek out your voice
My ears are overcome with noise
You show and tell with greatest ease
Raving impossibilities

Engaged in crime I grasp my throat
Enraged my mind starts to smoke
Enforce a mental overload
Angry again, angry again, angry ow

And when the story takes a twist
If folds like a contortionist
Slight of hand and quick exchange
The old tricks have been rearranged

The searing of the sinew
My body fights for air
The ripping of the tissue
My lungs begin to tear
Gravity's got my bones
It pulls my flesh away
The steam finally dissipates
I make out my sweaty face

Association that I choose
Game I inevitably lose
Governed by laws set up by me
Fracture its jaw to let me be

A cut-out cardboard condo maze
Filled with an insubordinate race
Irrational youths stop to stare
As music rubber hosed the air

Lyrics - Mustaine
Megadeth - Hidden Treasures

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